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Living in Exurbia is a story about six residents of San Diego County, California who came from vastly different backgrounds to discover that they have a lot more in common than one would have expected.  Sharing the experience of a life threatening disaster changed their lives forever.  While this is a fictional story, it is based on factual conditions and expert opinion.


"Exurbia" is defined as places just beyond the suburbs where the country looks like, well, the country.  It is the Wildland-Urban Interface.


All events, places, and names are fictitious except for public places and organizations.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental.


This story is recommended for a better understanding of how to live in a Wildland-Urban Interface community.




What people are saying about Living in Exurbia:


"An awesome book!  You did a great job tying in fire prepararedness with the story.  Thank you for sharing this with me."  R.K., Encinitas, CA


"Thank you again for your story Exurbia - I really enjoyed it!  The 2 teenage girls that (really) read the story thought it had a good moral to it.  And 1 said it made her really think about what's important to her - the other said she was going to pay more attention to the important things - God and people - and let God handle the rest!"  K.N., Escondido, CA


"Congratulations, you are always helping everyone.  Look forward to sharing this with our Fire Safe Council members."  M.M., Vista, CA

"I was reminded of my Irish Heritage as I read your short story (my eyes misted-up).  This story should be a MUST READ for every resident of our Exurbia here in North County.  You have done many, many good things for your community that will have a lasting effect but this story being read by one and all could be the most powerful and have the longest lasting effect.  You can post this “Book Review” & use it in any way you see fit to get the word out that THIS IS A MUST READ FOR EVERY RESIDENT OF NORTH COUNTY !!!!!"  B.P., Escondido, CA

"I read every word of it. And glad I did! What an intriguing tale. And so local as to hit home with real impact.  Congratulations. I couldn’t let go until the end."  R.S., Escondido, CA



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